Conference Table Bcr – 07


Revitalize Your Workspace with Our Dynamic Conference Table: Where Opulence Meets Efficiency

Embark on a workspace transformation tailored for the discerning client who prioritizes quality. Our Customizable Conference Table, curated for 8-10 individuals, transcends the realm of ordinary furniture—it serves as the pulsating core of collaborative meetings and imaginative brainstorming sessions.

Main Table Dimensions:

  • 3200mm L x 1200mm D x 750mm Ht

Craftsmanship That Resonates:

Why E1?

Moisture Resistance: Bid farewell to swelling, warping, and water damage. Our E1 board confidently dismisses humidity.

Time-Tested Durability: As your furniture matures, E1 stands unwavering. It’s not just a surface; it’s a guardian against wear and tear.

Smart Choice: Whether navigating high-stakes meetings or fostering vibrant brainstorming sessions, E1 ensures your furniture endures the test of time, gracefully overcoming challenges.

Choosing E1 means investing in reliability, resilience, and a touch of brilliance. Elevate your office space with the intelligent choice—E1. ????✨

Table Legs:

  • Metal legs: 1×3 metal steel in a custom powder-coated finish

Customize Your Workspace with Our Chic Conference Table:

Ready to reach the zenith of office sophistication? Our 6-8 pax Conference Table is a meticulously crafted statement piece, designed with precision and functionality in mind.