9 Ways Biophilic Design Can Improve Your Workday: A blog about office designs that incorporate nature.

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 Work is stressful. We’re always competing against deadlines, and the clock seems to be ticking like a time bomb, working more hours than we should and living in a world that has more distractions than whatever. Work can be a place where we do our best, but sometimes it just feels like it isn’t as much fun as it could be.

Staring at your blank computer screen with nothing but your coworkers nonstop talking too much noise, distractions, and even bad lighting? Perhaps you need fresh air. That’s where Biophilic design comes in, an innovative approach that seeks to bring nature into the built environment, incorporating elements of nature into workplaces.

Biophilic design isn’t a new concept. It was used in the 20th century but has been forgotten in recent years. But it’s gaining recognition again as a way to improve workers’ mental and physical health while boosting creativity, promoting employee engagement, as well as enhancing environmentally friendly practices.

Here are nine ways that Biophilic Design can improve your workday:

  1. Better air qualityoffice partitions, cubicle, office dividers

Biophilic incorporates natural ventilation systems that improve indoor quality by increasing air circulation and reducing indoor pollutants, which plants can help filter out.


  1. Enhanced natural lightoffice table philippines, office desk, office furniture, computer table

Biophilic design maximizes the use of natural light, which can enhance the connection between people and their environment. Reduction of energy consumption is a plus!


  1. Improved acousticsoffice table philippines, office desk, office furniture, computer table

Incorporating natural elements such as wood and stone can help absorb sound and reduce noise, creating a more peaceful and productive work environment.


Note: Plants can absorb sound too!


  1. Increased greenery

Adding plants or greenery to the workplace can improve the overall aesthetics and create a more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, which can help to improve air quality, reduce stress levels and boost creativity.


  1. Reduced stress

Biophilic design can help create a more calming and stress-reducing environment by incorporating natural elements into the built environment, providing opportunities for restoration and relaxation.


  1. Improved Productivity

Exposure to nature has also been shown to enhance cognitive function, including attention, memory, and problem-solving skills.


  1. Increased Creativityoffice partitions, cubicle, office dividers

Biophilic design elements can provide inspiration for creative thinking by connecting individuals to the natural world, which can help facilitate the sparking of new ideas.


  1. Improved Physical Health

Biophilic design incorporates elements of nature to create a more natural and sustainable atmosphere. It improved physical health in several ways; here are some ways;


First, it improves air quality. Improved air quality can lead to better respiratory health, fewer allergies, and fewer cases of asthma.


Second, it gives access to natural light. Exposure to natural light has also been shown to improve sleep quality.


  1. Better overall well-being

From the said above, biophilic design can improve overall well-being.


Biophilic design doesn’t always have to be expensive or large in scale to be effective ─ it just needs to be thoughtfully designed into the design of your office space, from flooring and walls to furniture and lighting.

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